In post-production

Psychological Noir  - 1H20'

With Syrus Shahidi, Alexis Manenti, Karidja Touré,
Steve Tiencheu, Sabrina Ouazani.

Angelo, an idealistic cop, wants to change profession after committing an involuntary homicide.
He throws himself body and soul into the stories of his popular neighborhood of Château Rouge in order to rebalance his karma. But one case in particular,
for which he will sacrifice everything, obsesses him more than the others.




Delegate Producers


Production Manager

Production Administrator 

Production Assistant

1st Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

Staging Intern

Script Supervisor

Director of Photography

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera


Set Design

Costume Supervisor

Make Up / Hairdresser



Julien Paolini

Julien Paolini, MANO, Syrus Shahidi

La Réserve - Syrus Shahidi, Julien Paolini

Cousine&Dépendances - Marie Etchegoyen, Yann Girard

Charly’s Films - Claude Sabbah, Moussa Kouissi

Dinosaures - Nassim El Mounabbih

Suga Mama Productions - Clara Sansarricq, Alexander Akoka

Lucille Hordern

Matthieu Schott

Sandrine Martin-Lavergne

Mathieu Perez

Léna Turlot-ehlen

Jules Negrel

Lison Thoubillon

Hadrien Vedel

Gustin Guillaume

Léana Savio

Nassim El Mounabbih – Alexis Farou – Maxime Alliaume

Lisa Paolini - Amandine Faugeras – Jazya Mahi – Fernando Rebelo – Gabriella Irace

Thomas Fishelson – Angela Clément Viscera

Anouk Haif - Inès Brette

Laetitia Duvert - Antoine Guerci- Mathéo Palma

Joseph Geremia – Alice Brunnquell

Gewn Ghelid