Written and directed by Julien Paolini
Staring: Syrus Shahidi
And Virginia Perroni, Vito Crimi, Lorenzo Randazzo, Luca Gingillo, Giovanni Zingale
Director of Photography : Tristan Chenais
1st AC : Maxime Beauquesnes
2nd AC: Ugo Villion
Steadycam operator : Antony Tarente
Editor : Gwen Ghelid
Produced by : Les Tribuns (Alexia Jaubert)
Line producer: Delphine Tardieu
Line producer Palermo: Vincenzo Cusumano
Paris assistant director: Sinbad Iksel
For : Gin - Warner
Set design : Silvana Miliciotto, Lisa Paolini (Motif)
A D : Julien Paolini
Stylism : Jean Charline Tomlinson
Assisted by: Laetitia Kandolo, Yohann Emmanuel Alexander
Coloring : JC Savelli
Sound design: Laurent d'Herbécourt
Location manager: Ignazio Zarcone, Daniele Merlino